Unveil your glow.

Hi, I'm Dr. Marlee!

Hi, I'm Dr. Marlee!

My Mission

As a naturopathic doctor, I aspire to share my acquired knowledge for the benefit of others and educate you on the root cause of your health, wellness & beauty concerns, and ultimately help you unveil your glow, through curating customized treatment plans that are comprehensive, evidence-based, transformative and empowering!

My Mantra

To dig deeper & think bigger as I carefully examine your concerns through a holistic lens, focusing on unveiling the root cause, rather than treating symptoms.

“Glow is more than skin deep to me, it’s about living your happiest & healthiest life, while looking radiant & feeling revitalized!”

— Dr. Marlee, ND


Functional Lab Testing

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Clinical Nutrition + Supplements


Lifestyle Counselling

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture

Coming soon: IV Therapy + HRT

Dr. Marlee's
Glow-Getter Essentials

Radiant Skin

Pamper your skin from within

Rebalanced Hormones

So you can feel, look & be your very best self!


Glowing begins in the gut

Relaxed Mind

Get your beauty Zzz’s + Be Zen

Reset Metabolism

No one-size fits all here

Unveil your glow,
Because you are worth it!