Testing & Treatments

Functional Lab Testing

Your comprehensive + customized treatment plans are curated through a detailed inquiry of your health history intake, pertinent physical exams, as well as functional laboratory testing.

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing, Comprehensive Hormone Testing (serum, salivary & urine metabolites), Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Thyroid Panels, Vitamin + Mineral Assessments, Routine Screening Lab Testing, and more…

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Clinical Nutrition + Supplements

Therapeutic dietary recommendations + targeted supplementation, designed to optimize your nutritional status + achieve your health, wellness + beauty goals!

Lifestyle Counselling

Through education, counselling and support, get ready to feel empowered & practice a proactive + participatory approach to your health, wellness & beauty!

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Cosmetic Facial

Cosmetic facial acupuncture promotes increased blood flow, delivering more nutrients to the skin’s surface, while toning facial muscles + stimulating collagen production. Lasting results may be achieved over the course of multiple sessions to improve skin elasticity as well as prevent + reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Complimented with customized LED therapy to target specific skin concerns as well as lymphatic drainage techniques to sculpt + tone!

Traditional Acupuncture

Your full health history and overall picture are analyzed from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective . Acupuncture may be successfully integrated into your comprehensive & customized treatment plan, designed to address your unique health & wellness needs.

IV Therapy + HRT

Service coming soon! Stay tuned.
Ready to get your glow on?

Let’s work together on unveiling your glow through a comprehensive + customized naturopathic treatment plan!